Leave Nothing but Footprints,
Take Nothing but Photographs.

Winter Camping Orientation, Deer Lake- December 27-28, 2004
dw01.jpg Getting a feel for snowshoes | 214k
dw02.jpg You hardly notice the outhouse | 202k
dw03.jpg Cassie crosses a makeshift bridge | 312k
dw04.jpg Shelly almost doesn't make it | 325k
dw05.jpg Finishing up a short hike | 269k
dw06.jpg Orienteering Orientation | 248k
dw07.jpg Hunkered down for the evening | 239k
dw08.jpg The view from the Chapel | 286k
dw09.jpg How to avoid cold feet | 262k
dw10.jpg Write your own caption | 260k
dw11.jpg The dance of warmth | 245k
dw12.jpg Cassie sure thinks her snowshoes are secure | 261k
dw13.jpg The ties that bind | 240k
dw14.jpg More 'shoein' | 227k
dw15.jpg Anyone blow a binding yet? | 263k
dw16.jpg Crossing logs correctly | 313k
dw17.jpg Shelly didn't get one of me falling! | 269k
dw18.jpg Putting Red Fred in his place | 265k
dw19.jpg Which way is north again? | 242k
dw20.jpg Pacing back but not forth | 269k
dw21.jpg Down by the river | 276k
dw22.jpg Finding a new bearing | 242k
dw23.jpg Another use for toilet paper | 217k
dw24.jpg Then the stove decided to play dead | 245k