Leave Nothing but Footprints,
Take Nothing but Photographs.

Skiing and Camping, Mohawk Mountain- February 12-13, 2005
mm01.jpg The slopes at noon | 169k
mm02.jpg Cocoa so hot, you need a helmet | 193k
mm03.jpg I learned to ski right there! | 233k
mm04.jpg Sam and Shelly listen in | 177k
mm05.jpg Forrest shows of his tele moves | 200k
mm06.jpg Maggie shows us old folk a thing or two | 215k
mm07.jpg Finally, an action shot of Sam | 166k
mm08.jpg Shelly shreds the slopes | 179k
mm09.jpg A rare shot of Chris vertical | 176k
mm10.jpg Crew 497 planning their lines | 188k
mm11.jpg Mohawk under the lights | 145k
mm12.jpg Our lean-to by firelight | 198k
mm13.jpg Introducing the sled! | 230k
mm14.jpg The fire tower and Forrest atop the mountain | 224k
mm15.jpg The northward view from the fire tower | 184k