Leave Nothing but Footprints,
Take Nothing but Photographs.

Surf & Vert, Salmon and Connecticut Rivers- August 22-24, 2005
sv01.jpg Michelle searches for a route | 343k
sv02.jpg The butt jam | 356k
sv03.jpg Chris makes his way out of the corner | 362k
sv04.jpg Readying the kayaks | 317k
sv05.jpg The Fishway at low tide | 350k
sv06.jpg A "candid" shot at Hurd State Park| 240k
sv07.jpg An actual candid shot | 355k
sv08.jpg Split Rock | 357k
sv09.jpg Bouldered | 339k
sv10.jpg How's they get up there? | 342k
sv11.jpg A little opening in the woods | 375k
sv12.jpg Sams tops off at Dudley Drop | 409k
sv13.jpg Maggie's Way | 371k
sv14.jpg Can't see Forrest for the trees | 276k
sv15.jpg Forrest gets ready to make a big move | 336k
sv16.jpg Maggie and Michelle on belay | 282k
sv17.jpg Sam finds a beauty of a hold | 254k
sv18.jpg Chris Klings for dear life | 288k
sv19.jpg Khris on Koala Klimb | 285k
sv20.jpg Maybe there's an easier way? | 274k
sv21.jpg Chris traverses the top | 271k
sv22.jpg Hey, I never get in any of the other pictures, okay! | 284k
sv23.jpg Sideways Scramble | 301k
sv24.jpg Finally topping off | 359k
sv25.jpg Sam finds an anchor for a wiped out Chris | 329k
sv26.jpg Higganum Park Climb Site Beta | 353k
sv27.jpg Dudley Drop and Maggie's Way| 352k
sv28.jpg Koala Klimb | 308k
sv29.jpg Yes, they're still smiling after 14 miles! | 271k
sv30.jpg Not everyone's hands are smiling, though | 289k