Leave Nothing but Footprints,
Take Nothing but Photographs.

West Rock, New Haven- November 11, 2004
wr01.jpg Precarious West Rock | 247k
wr02.jpg Southern routes | 243k
wr03.jpg The Crew watches as Mark sorts out his anchors | 301k
wr04.jpg A very long drop | 271k
wr05.jpg Estrogen Express| 264k
wr06.jpg Mike sets up a belay anchor | 207k
wr07.jpg Sam descends down the Green Stuff | 273k
wr08.jpg How'd that tree get there? | 280k
wr09.jpg Sam on the way back up | 287k
wr10.jpg Sam looks down | 275k
wr11.jpg Mark has Tom on belay | 258k
wr12.jpg Tom reaches the top | 240k
wr13.jpg Maggie and Mike on belay | 279k
wr14.jpg Sam's almost up! | 271k
wr15.jpg Sam makes one final move | 276k
wr16.jpg A persistant little tree | 194k
wr17.jpg Maggie takes her turn descending | 291k
wr18.jpg Maggie avoids the tree | 285k
wr19.jpg Almost at the bottom | 283k
wr20.jpg Sam, Chris and the northern view | 253k
wr21.jpg Make your own handholds | 285k
wr22.jpg Colin on his way up | 301k
wr23.jpg Colin's almost there! | 281k
wr24.jpg Tom. Pond. | 246k
wr25.jpg Colin tries a different route | 301k
wr26.jpg Tom on belay | 215k
wr27.jpg Shameless plug | 242k
wr28.jpg What's that Green Stuff? | 284k
wr29.jpg Nevermind, Maggie's at the top | 281k
wr30.jpg Tom on Estrogen Express | 282k
wr31.jpg Tom finds a good crack | 280k
wr32.jpg Tom contemplates the Cleaver | 243k
wr33.jpg Tom decides to go right | 306k
wr34.jpg Sam and Colin on belay | 245k
wr35.jpg Some interesting rock | 269k
wr36.jpg Geology is fun! | 245k
wr37.jpg The sun begins to set | 262k
wr38.jpg Sam heads back down | 305k
wr39.jpg ... And up! | 291k
wr40.jpg Body jam | 312k
wr41.jpg Keep it on the down low | 248k
wr42.jpg There are cameras up here? | 263k
wr43.jpg Chris reviews his knots | 260k
wr44.jpg Maybe the left would be easier | 292k
wr45.jpg Rappelling at sunset | 241k
wr46.jpg All quiet on the western front | 126k
wr47.jpg Venturing on the Crack of... Dawn? | 295k
wr48.jpg Tom's down there if you look hard | 278k
wr49.jpg Three-hundred foot rappel | 271k
wr50.jpg The sun finally sets | 141k
wr51.jpg Another day in the books | 132k
wr52.jpg What's next? | 299k